Client Testimonials


Michael was my hairdresser for over 5 years when I lived in Sitges. I cannot speak highly enough of him. He listened & he advised me over some 'serious' style & colour changes over the years. He has a fantastic eye for detail & is an amazing hairdresser!!!!!!! Just wish I could fly over monthly for an appointment!!!!

 Emma Jenkins



I have lived in Barcelona for 1 year and Sitges for the last 7 months. I have had 5 'hair malfunctions' in that time!! Previous to living in Spain, Australia and England I had a fantastic hairdresser for 15 years in Belfast which I thought I could not replace until I found Michael! He knows exactly what suits his clients both in style and colour - "thank you so much". I hope I never have to move from Sitges!!!

Cathy Brown


I've lived here in Sitges for 10 years and until I found Michael I used to go back to London, to the girl who had done my hair for over 20 years, every 6 weeks just to get my hair done as everyone else here either couldn't cut or couldn't do colour. Finally and thank goodness someone recommended Michael and he's just utterly brilliant. I recommend him to all my friends and as future clients will find out, he is multi talented! It's saved me a fortune in air fares as well!!!

Susie Duguid



Michael cut and colored my hair after he was recommended to me and he was great. The colour looked very natural, cut great and he is fab at blow drying and styling! I just wish I could dry it the way he does! Would definitely recommend him.

Hayley Hunt



I've been in Spain for 10 years and I have to say I have never had my hair cut so badlly- Susie Quatro would have been proud of me!!! This all changed after someone mentioned some English hairdresser, Magic "manos" Micheal!!! Really consistently good hairdresser that the minute he touches your hair you know everything is going to be alright! Thanks Micheal you really are good !!

Lucy Green



I came with a spanish hairstyle to michael, advised by a good friend. Poco a poco he changed it very well. I'm very satisfied the way he works and he's a artist in highlights.

Ciska van Schagen




After several bad hairdressing-experenices in Spain, I was advices by Andrea to go and see Michael, this was now nearly 10 years ago and since then, I have never ever trusted anyone else to touch my hair but Michael. Michael you´re the best! Always keeping my hair healthy and great looking! XX

Eveline Kuipers




Michael is a hair maestro, he is professional with an artistic flair, he is consistent and always friendly, I would, and do recommend him!

Kathleen Boon



I met Michael in the early 90s and he was a genius then and way beyond his time with creativity and style

And after 16 years of not seeing him he is still an incredible guy whom I'm lucky to have back in my life as he is still that creative stylish person I met all those years ago, he makes me feel amazing every time I leave his chair xxx

Connie Muston


After several really bad haircuts and 'spanish orange' colours I too started to go back to the UK just to get my hair done.Susie told me about Michael and he is fab! I always let him do what he wants and come out feeling great everytime. I reommend him to everyone. See you at 11.30 Michael xx

Jane Allen



Michael is just brilliant - he can even make little old ladies like me look good! Michael, you're just The Best, a wizard! Very much appreciated. Lindsay Walford



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